Enduring Rewards of a Tailor-Made Program

By: Joelle Rebeiz

March 18, 2014

When I heard about the new Religion, Ethics, and World Affairs (REWA) certificate program during my sophomore year at Georgetown, I truly felt like the Berkley Center had created a certificate program that was tailor-made for my interests: I was fascinated by the way religion affects current events today, and I was looking for a way to explore my interests in philosophy and ethics. It looked perfect. What I didn't know at the time was just how rewarding the experience would be, and just how much I would be able to make the REWA program my own.

Not only have I been able to explore a vast array of topics—everything from peacemaking, to revolutionary and religious art—but the program has given me the unique opportunity to find classes I'm interested in and have them count for the program even if they haven't specifically been listed. As such, the academic freedom that the certificate program allows is unparalleled, and it makes for an incredibly rewarding experience.

Ultimately, however, the strength of the program lies in all the opportunities that can be found outside of the classroom: the wonderful professors who keep their doors open at all times, and the Berkley Center itself that is rife with academic and professional opportunities. My fellow REWA capstoners and I still consistently get together for wine and cheese two semesters later! As my Georgetown career draws to a close, I know that my experience has been made far richer by the research I've been able to conduct, and the relationships I've developed. I'm certainly going to miss it after graduation.

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Enduring Rewards of a Tailor-Made Program