Isaac Piche (United States) on Camaraderie Through Competition

August 24, 2012

Every four years, athletes from all over the world come together to test each other’s abilities on an equal and fairly rivaled field of competition. This tradition is upheld from centuries past, and its noble theme of understanding across cultures continues to thrive. But with diseases of diet so prevalent in today’s society, it is more important now than ever to remain healthy and fit. The Olympic Games are a shining beacon of hope to the human race, demonstrating how bright and long our future has the potential to be, if only with a little bit of exercise and understanding.
The ancient Greeks are renowned for their intellectual and philosophical contributions to our society. Having possessed a vast empire, they were secure, strong, and studied in the scriptures and texts of ancient writings they learned, contributed to, and cherished. It was through this devotion to the preservation of self, and the development of mind and body that they achieved physical feats that far surpass many modern athletes’ ability. When the Persian army came to conquer Athens, Phidippides ran over 326 miles to rally support for his country’s defense.

There has been an attitude of complacency and lethargy that has overtaken the average citizen around the globe. This laziness severely hinders the forward momentum of the human race, and the Olympic Games are a pedestal to place the shining examples of our culture’s creatures. These individuals are emulated by billions of souls worldwide to the betterment of our people, collectively. To have this type of competition not only provides role models for our future generations, it also encourages camaraderie through competition. Enemies and allies alike lay down differences to compete on a communal field of sport and the more disciplined, the better trained, and the healthier always prevail.

This is the lesson of the Olympic Games, and the values maintain this instruction year after year. By chewing up athletes and spitting them out in a hierarchy of indisputable excellence, each competitor and country can see where they rank. By having a common ground of competition we allow others the chance to rise in stature, no matter the origins. While one nation may be far superior to another financially, militarily, and in physical size, an athlete has the power to humble the mightiest of empires through a good show of sportsmanship and an excellent display of discipline. The Olympic Games hold within them the potential to end all armed disputes and settle any outbreaks of violent conflict, if only the leaders would allow such a peaceful resolution.

While survival of the fittest may be considered only a theory, it is a way of life to many people. The Olympic Games teaches us how similar we all are, and that we must work together to survive, lest we be humbled by one athlete more disciplined than us.
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