Running for Unity: The 9/11 Remembrance Run

By: Giuliana DeAngelis

September 12, 2011

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I participated in a Remembrance Walk/Run on Georgetown University’s campus. The event brought together students, faculty, neighbors and friends to reflect on the tragic events that unraveled on September 11, 2001.
Moments of silence were held to honor those who lost a life or suffered while serving our nation but the event itself was not centered around the sentiments of sadness, despair, or anger that so often accompany thoughts of this tragic day. Instead, the messages of hope and forgiveness were what spoke to me most.

The start of the race was welcomed by Father Kevin O’Brien, vice president of Georgetown’s Mission and Ministry, as he led participants in an interfaith prayer and blessing to join us together in unity as we honored a defining moment in our generation and, most importantly, looked ahead to a promising future. It is always a challenge to keep the spirit of courage and resiliency alive when the hardships endured and pain experienced were, and still are, grave and tangible.

Nevertheless, this event encouraged participants to unite our pluralistic identities under the common goal of promoting interfaith understanding and cooperation. Each step we took as we ran or walked around campus was a step forward in deepening connections between faith communities on campus.

It was a also a powerful movement on a larger scale in expressing ourselves as global citizens dedicated to bridging cultural differences. The Remembrance Run was organized by Georgetown’s Hoyas for Troops campus group. The $4,200 raised will go the Stephen Siller Foundation and USA Cares to support US military service personnel, veterans, and their families.

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Running for Unity: The 9/11 Remembrance Run