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Case Studies on Religion and Conflict

Leader: Eric Patterson

Bosnia. Darfur. Afghanistan. Iraq. Headlines chronicle conflicts infused with religious dynamics. Just as significant, but less visible, are places where religious actors have promoted conflict resolution and peace, as in South Africa, Mozambique, and Colombia.

This collection of case studies provides a resource for teachers, students, and policy professionals seeking a deeper understanding of religion's complex role in conflicts around the world. Each case looks at religion not in isolation but as it interacts with other domestic and international factors. The cases do not provide definitive answers. Rather, they are designed as resources for grappling with two key questions:

  1. How important is religion in shaping outcomes?
  2. When and how does religion exacerbate conflict or promote peace?
American Soldiers Guard Checkpoint in Iraqi Desert

Project Leader

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Eric Patterson

Research Fellow
Religious Freedom Institute


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