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Transatlantic Policy Network on Religion and Diplomacy

The Transatlantic Policy Network on Religion and Diplomacy (TPNRD) is a forum of diplomats from North America and Europe who are the designated point people on issues of religion and diplomacy within their respective foreign ministries. Launched in 2015, the network includes officials from 16 countries as well as from the United Nations and the European External Action Service. The activity of the network is informed and augmented by a transatlantic advisory council, comprised of top researchers from the North Atlantic region who provide expert advice and deepen connections between scholars and practitioners working on religion and international affairs. In January 2021 a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation funded TPNRD's migration from Cambridge University to Georgetown University as one of the Berkley Center’s ongoing programs. Senior Research Fellow Judd Birdsall is the project director.

The main areas of the program moving forward will include developing a more collaborative intergovernmental forum that enhances the capacity of TPNRD-participating officials to engage religious actors and enabling more targeted interventions from scholars and expert practitioners on specific areas of collaborative action. TPNRD will also continue developing its Religion & Diplomacy website into a more widely known credible source of analysis on the practical intersection of faith and foreign affairs.

Globe centered on the Atlantic Ocean between the United States and Europe

Project Leader

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Judd Birdsall

Senior Research Fellow

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