Doyle Undergraduate Fellows 2014-2015

May 19, 2016

In 2014, the Berkley Center selected 11 students from diverse backgrounds to participate in the Undergraduate Fellows Program through a competitive application and interview process. Fellows met monthly during the academic year and participated in several interfaith dialogue and service activities individually and as a group. During this inaugural year, the program focused on both on campus and off campus interreligious and intercultural dialogue and service. During the fall semester, students were asked to look ‘inward’ to their ‘nuclear communities’ on the Georgetown campus. Fellows were encouraged to attend religious services outside their faith tradition, participate in service projects on campus, and write reflection papers describing their experiences. During the spring semester, the Doyle Fellows participated in interfaith dialogue and service projects off campus while thinking more broadly about ‘engaging difference’ in their neighborhoods and communities. This report provides an overview of their efforts, along with excerpts from their reflections.

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