Ending Wars Well: Order, Justice and Conciliation in Contemporary Post-Conflict

Author: Eric Patterson

July 2, 2012

Though scholars of political science and moral philosophy have long analyzed the justifications for and against waging war as well as the ethics of warfare itself, the problem of ending wars has received less attention. In the first book to apply just war theory to this phase of conflict, Eric Patterson presents a three-part view of justice in end-of-war settings involving order, justice, and reconciliation. Patterson's case studies range from successful applications of jus post bellum, such as Bretton Woods or the Marshall Plan, to debacles such as present-day Iraq.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Ending Wars Well
Chapter 2 - New Just War Thinking on Post-Conflict
Chapter 3 - The Primacy of Order
Chapter 4 - Justice: Incurring What Is Deserved
Chapter 5 - Conciliation: Coming to Terms with the Past
Chapter 6 - Connections and Contradictions: Just War Thinking vs. Other Post-Conflict Approaches
Chapter 7 – 21st Century Challenges: R2P, Stability Ops Afghanistan, and Beyond

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