Faith and Development in Focus: Myanmar

September 15, 2019

“Faith and Development in Focus: Myanmar” was inspired by the special social, political, and economic challenges facing this country as it passes through a complex transitional phase. Religious institutions have long played central roles in peoples’ lives and in efforts to provide basic services in Myanmar. Further, the country is embroiled in complex conflicts that involve significant religious dimensions. Thus for those in Myanmar and outside who engage in different facets of development work, an appreciation both for the religious landscape and for its links to development challenges is especially critical. Reflecting primary and secondary research, including a literature review and interviews, this report sets out Myanmar’s development challenges and the strategic and operational approaches of the government and its partners (international and national, public and private). The purpose is to provide up-to-date information that might encourage interaction and collaboration among local faith-inspired organizations, international NGOs, and other development bodies currently operating in and round Myanmar, as well as those in the planning phase of projects there.

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