Global Development and Faith-Inspired Organizations in Europe and Africa: Meeting Report

June 24, 2008

This report was published following a 2008 Hague meeting of engaged practitioners to take stock of the wide range of ongoing work by different faith-inspired organizations in Africa and Europe and to explore the policy implications that emerge from their interactions with development organizations. The first day's session covered a broad range of issues: naming and reflecting on the range of activities carried out by faith-inspired organizations; probing the growth of new religious movements and the role of religious institutions in local development; exploring relationships of northern FBOs to their southern partners; and reflecting on relationships among different partners in the development arena. The second day's session centered on the work of faith leaders and institutions in post-conflict environments. Several broad themes emerged: the group stressed that religion has received inadequate or misguided attention from donors, even though it can be a positive resource for development.



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