Islam and the West: Annual Report on the State of Dialogue

Authors: John DeGioia Klaus Schwab

January 1, 2008

The product of a partnership between Georgetown University and the World Economic Forum, this report is a first-ever global reference that seeks to advance Muslim-West communication and promote collaboration around global challenges, including combating extremism and violence, building peaceful and vibrant civil societies, and furthering economic and social development. The Berkley Center served as a key partner in the report, which highlights the activities of some 90 organizations and describes more than 80 events around five pressing global issue areas. The report also includes the Gallup Muslim-West Dialogue Index, tracking global perceptions on the state of dialogue, and Media Tenor's analysis of coverage of the Muslim and Western "other" in newspapers and televisions around the world.

Georgetown University and the World Economic Forum sponsored two roundtables in March and April 2008 to mark the release of the first annual report: one in London on the topic "Muslim Communities in Europe"; the other in Washington, D.C., on the topic "Islam and American Politics: Deepening the Dialogue." Georgetown President John J. DeGioia was a co-convenor of both events.

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