Pope Francis and the Future of Catholicism: Evangelii Gaudium and the Papal Agenda

March 1, 2017

Pope Francis and the Future of Catholicism is the first and most in-depth study of the most important teaching document from Pope Francis to date: Evangelii Gaudium. The edited volume explores the key components of his vision and agenda for the Church—ecclesiological, social, and dialogical—drawing together a range of interdisciplinary, globally diverse voices from leading experts in the field. Contributions explore Francis' distinctive style of papacy, as well as the substance of his ecclesial revolution and reforms. Chapters engage with the most pressing challenges for the church in today's world and their global context. Editor Gerard Mannion also contributes two chapters to this book: "Pope Francis' Agenda for the Church: Evangelii Gaudium as Papal Manifesto" and "Francis' Ecclesiological Revolution: A New Way of Being Church, A New Way of Being Pope."

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