Religion, Migration, and Foreign Policy

April 23, 2007

The report "Religion, Migration, and Foreign Policy" describes two forums sponsored by the Luce/SFS Program on Religion and International Affairs to explore the intersection of religion, migration, and foreign policy. The first panel explored the role that religion plays in defining the interconnections between immigrants' countries of origin and destination, including immigrants' role in defining the relationships between their host country and the country of origin; immigration policies that facilitate or impede the admission of religious leaders and teachers and their impact on religious practice and beliefs; and the impact of immigrants and diasporas on religious and cultural practices in countries of origin. The second forum focused on how immigrants are transforming religious life in their destination countries and how mainstream religious groups are addressing the tensions in immigration policy and immigrant integration. Other issues considered included the role of religion in immigrant integration, immigrants and their effect on religious diversity, immigration and the perceptions of mainstream religious groups, and religion and immigrant identity.



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