Religious Freedom and the Common Good: A Symposium of the Religious Freedom Project

November 15, 2016

To mark our six-year partnership with the John Templeton Foundation, the Religious Freedom Project hosted this capstone conference to explore the wide-ranging political, economic, and social dimensions of religious freedom and their enduring impact on the global common good. The RFP’s 13 associate scholars and other experts from across the academy addressed a range of crucial issues about the broader implications of religious freedom. 
Participants brought different perspectives to bear on the
following key questions: To what extent is religious liberty
critical for human flourishing? When and how does it contribute
to economic prosperity, democratization, and peace? What
challenges face religious communities living under repressive
governments or hostile social forces? How is the persecution of
religion related to other infringements of basic human rights?
What is the relationship between religious freedom and violent
religious extremism, and is there a role for religious freedom
in efforts to undermine radicalization and counter violent
religious extremism and terrorism over the long term?

We were honored to host Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE), who
delivered a major address, his first at Georgetown University,
on the promotion of international religious freedom as an
urgent global imperative.

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