Seek Peace and Pursue It

Author: Drew Christiansen

November 11, 2018

Rev. Drew Christiansen, S.J., describes what constitutes the Catholic experience of faith today when it comes to peace and war. He first notes Catholics' experience with war itself in the twentieth century; the reading and re-reading of scripture in conjunction with the Church’s reflection on its pastoral activity in time of war led to reaffirmation of just war principles. The most recent turn in Catholic thinking is a result of internal Catholic dialogue between Pax Christi International and the Vatican on Just Peace, a practical approach to peacemaking that expands the options for nonviolent intervention in conflict situations, delaying the recourse to war. Christiansen concludes with Pax Christi's hopes for the future: that Pope Francis will give Just Peace approval as the articulation of Catholic teaching on war for the twenty-first century. Christiansen offered the remarks as part of a November 11, 2018 panel discussion on war and the Bible hosted by the Museum of the Bible.

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