Theology Without Borders: Essays in Honor of Peter C. Phan

Authors: Leo Lefebure Peter Phan

June 1, 2022

Faculty Fellow Peter C. Phan's wide-ranging contributions to theology and his pioneering work on religious pluralism, migration, and Christian identity have made a global impact on the field. The essays in Theology without Borders, an edited volume published by Georgetown University Press, offer a variety of perspectives across Phan's fundamental work in eschatology, world Christianity, interreligious dialogue, and much more. Together, these essays offer a comprehensive assessment of Phan's groundbreaking work across a range of theological fields. Included in the conversation are discussions of world Christianity and migration, Christian identity and religious pluralism, Christian theology in Asia, Asian American theology, eschatology, and Phan's lasting legacy. The volume was edited by Faculty Fellow Leo Lefebure and includes a foreword from Director Thomas Banchoff and epilogue by Phan.

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