Weeping for Jerusalem: A Theological Meditation

Author: Drew Christiansen

March 31, 2018

In this book chapter, Fr. Drew Christiansen, S.J., describes how the city of Jerusalem is a microcosm of the struggle of God’s people to live their faith in a hostile world. The Book of Lamentations decries the infidelity of Jerusalem. Jesus wept for Jerusalem, which the evangelist Luke called it the city that murders its prophets. In 2009 the Palestinian Christian document “Kairos Palestine” voiced Christian disappointment, disillusion, and frustration over the lack of peace in the holy city. But they also express their hope in God whose “goodness will one day be victorious over the evil in which we find ourselves.” The chapter was published in What Jerusalem Means to Us: Christian Perspectives and Reflections (2018), edited by Saliba Sarsar.

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