Seminar on Religion, Politics, and Society in the United States

August 13-15, 2012

The Berkley Center hosted a three day seminar with leading young Chinese scholars of religious studies. The seminar was part of the third summer workshop of the Chinese Spirituality and Society Program organized by Professor Yang Fenggang of the Center on Religion and Chinese Society at Purdue University and supported by the John Templeton Foundation. Speakers at the Berkley Center seminar included Thomas Banchoff ("American Civil Religion in a Multipolar World"), José Casanova ("Religion, Politics, and Society in the United States and China"), Clyde Wilcox ("Religion and the US Presidential Election"), Galen Carey ("Evangelicals in US Politics and Society"), and Thomas Farr ("Religious Freedom in American Politics and Foreign Policy").

Projects and Affiliations of Seminar Participants

Center Project

  • "Guan-xi Between Spirituality and Society in China-An Empirical Study on the Beliefs of Citizens in Yangtze River Delta," Center for Religion and Society at East China Normal University (Director: LI Xiangping)

Individual Projects

  • "Folk Religion and Local Community: Field Researches on Three Villages in Hunan Province," CHEN Bin (Hunan Normal University)
  • "Operation and Impact of Grey Religion Market in Rural Heilongjiang Province: an Empirical Study Based on Social Capital," FAN Zhihui (Heilongjiang University)
  • "Chinese Religions as a Resource in Construction of Civic Identity: A Comparative Study of Chinese Believer Groups," FANG Wen (Peking University) 
  • "Traditional Religions and Christianity and Chinese Entrepreneurship-A Case Study of the Private Entrepreneur Communities in Fuzhou and Quanzhou Cities in Fujian Province," GAN Mantang (Fuzhou University)
  • "Christianity, Confucianism and Civil Society," HAN Heng (Zhengzhou University)
  • "Catholicism and Civil Society: A Comparative Study of Privatization and De-privatization of the Catholic Church in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taipei," HAO Zhidong (University of Macau)
  • "Traditional Religious Culture and Chinese Entrepreneurship-A Case Study of Private Entrepreneur Community in Southeast China," HUANG Haibo (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)
  • "Religious Market Theory and China’s Rural Christianities: Sociological Case Studies of Catholicism in Middle Hebei," LIU Fang (Fudan University)
  • "A Study of the Impact of Islam on the Political Participation of the Peasants in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region," LUO Qiangqiang (Ningxia University)
  • "Identity, Organization, and Faith Going Public: Christians’ Civic Participation in Transitional China," MA Li (Tongji University)
  • "The Attitudes of University Students in Beijing Toward Christianity," SUN Shangyang (Peking University)
  • "Religious Belief and Civic Culture: Based on a Comparison Between Groups of Christianity and Buddhism in the Central Plains," WANG Ying (Henan University of Economics & Law)
  • "Religious Organizations’ Self-Governance, Openness, and Civility: Case Study of a Christian Church in Beijing," YING Fuktsang (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • "A Study of the Occurrence and Development of “Religion Fever” in China’s Countryside," ZHENG Fengtian (Renmin University) 
  • "The Institutionalization of Christian Communities and Their Social Engagement: Case Studies on Two Kinds of Christian Institutions in Beijing," ZHONG Zhifeng (Baylor University, USA) 
  • "Capital along with Faith: A Study on the Charitable Behavior of the Private Entrepreneurs of Wenzhou, China," ZHOU Yi (Fudan University)

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