Symposium on the Global Ethic, Law, and Policy

November 3- 4, 2011

Since its adoption by the World Parliament of Religions in 1993, and as a result of the extensive work of its drafter, Hans Küng, the Global Ethic has been related to many areas of human activity, including economics, politics, pedagogy, and international relations. The focus of this two-day symposium was on two fields that have received comparatively less attention in connection with the Global Ethic: law and policy.


November 3

The History and Essence of the Global Ethic | Stephan Schlensog

Relation of the Global Ethic to Law and Policy: Theoretical Starting Points | Bradley Shingleton

Global Ethic and Global Law: Philosophical Aspects | Hans Küng, Günther Gebhardt

Global Ethic and Global Law: Jurisprudential Aspects | Brian Lepard

Global Ethic and Human Rights | Walter Kaelin

Conflicts Among Religions and Global Law | Markus Kotzur

Global Ethic and Global Law Discussion | Rebecca DeWinter, Cathleen Kaveny

November 4

The New Paradigm of International Relations | Hans Küng, Paula Newberg

Promotion of the Common Good in the Regulation of Financial Markets? | Heinz-Dieter Assmann

Global Ethic and Policy Discussion | Karin Johnston

Interreligious Dialogue as Foreign Policy Instrument | Thomas Banchoff, John Borelli, Hans Küng, David Little

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