The First Jesuit Pope: The Contribution of Jesuit Charism to the Political Views of Pope Francis

November 9, 2018
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. EST
Location: Berkley Center Third Floor Conference Room Map

The spiritual commitments of the Society of Jesus emphasize careful moral discernment and creative application of rules to specific situations, especially regarding social priorities such as inequality. As the first Jesuit pope, Francis enjoys a unique opportunity to place an Ignatian imprint on the central administration of the Catholic Church. Fr. Thomas Massaro, S.J., of Fordham University led a discussion on the intriguing papacy of Pope Francis. In conversation with Paul Manuel, he discussed how Pope Francis’ papacy is different from his predecessors, and analyzed the Jesuit understanding of Catholicism and its impact on the Church. His talk addressed why it took so long to elect a Jesuit pope and examined what is distinct about the Jesuit papal vision. Lunch was served.

Massaro's book Mercy in Action: The Social Teachings of Pope Francis (2018) and recent chapter in Pope Francis as a Global Actor Where Politics and Theology Meet (2018) discuss these questions in more detail and was available for sale at the event.

This event was sponsored by the Religion, Ethics, and World Affairs Certificate Program.

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