Wahhabism in the World

Authors Workshop


December 12-13, 2019
Location: Berkley Center Third Floor Conference Room Map

The Geopolitics of Religious Soft Power project—supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York—explores the various ways states incorporate religion and religious outreach activities into their broader foreign policy conduct. One of the main project deliverables is an edited volume focused on better understanding Saudi Arabia’s impact on Islam around the world. Tentatively titled Wahhabism in the World: Understanding Saudi Arabia’s Global Influence on Religion, this book will represent the first systematic and globally comparative attempt to use multidisciplinary scholarship to explore the phenomenon of Saudi da’wah around the world.

This two-day workshop provided a forum for the authors of the volume to present drafts of their chapters for collective discussion.


​December 12, 2019

9:00-9:30 | Introductions and Project Overview

9:30-10:30 | General Volume Discussion led by Peter Mandaville

10:30-11:00 | Coffee Break

11:00-11:45 | Wahhabism and Salafism in Global Perspective

Natana J. DeLong-Bas, Boston College

11:45-12:30 | Transnational Wahhabism: The Muslim World League and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth

Reinhard Schulze, University of Bern (participating via video)​

12:30-1:15 | Lunch

1:15-2:00 | Humanitarian and Relief Organizations in Global Saudi Da'wa?

Nora Derbal, American University in Cairo

2:00-2:45 | Salafi publishing and the battle to define normative Sunni Islam

Andrew Hammond, Oxford University​

2:45-3:30 | Salafism, Education, and Youth: Saudi Arabia's Campaign for Wahhabism in Indonesia

Noorhaidi Hasan, Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University

3:30-4:00 | Coffee Break

4:00-4:45 | Saudi influence in Kyrgyzstan: Beyond mosques, schools and foundations

Mametbek Myrzabaev, Research Institute for Islamic Studies

Emil Nasritdinov, American University of Central Asia

4:45-5:00 | First Day Roundup Discussion

December 13, 2019

9:00-9:45 | Saudi Arabia's Role in Shaping Islam in Pakistan

James M. Dorsey, Nanyang Technological University (participating via video)​

9:45-10:30 | Working for a Living in the Land of Allah: Labor Migration from Bangladesh to Saudi Arabia and Remittances of Wahhabism

Nazli Kibria, Boston University

10:30-11:00 | Coffee Break

11:00-11:45 | Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia: Between Proximity and Distance

Terje Østebø, University of Florida

11:45-12:30 | Wahhabi Compromises and 'Soft Salafization' in the Sahel

Alexander Thurston, University of Cincinnati

12:30-1:15 | Lunch

1:15-2:00 | Arab Brothers, Guns, and Food Rations: How Salafism Made its Way to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Harun Karcic, Al Jazeera

2:00-2:45 | Coffee Break

2:45-3:30 | Wrap-up Discussion and Author Guidance

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