2008 Undergraduate Fellows Report: A Leap of Faith: Interreligious Marriage in America

December 31, 2008

Starting in January 2008, ten Georgetown undergraduate student fellows interviewed 45 different couples about interreligious marriage in America, focusing on the challenges and benefits that arise within interreligious marriage on a personal level to provide qualitative insights to this growing area of research. This report documents the personal experience with interreligious marriage that these couples shared; their stories range from the communication skills acquired to familial challenges endured. The students sought to gain an understanding of the daily lives of interreligious couples, breathing life into the existing studies of interreligious dynamics in America’s communities. The fellows hope to provide insight into the lives of people that practice religious tolerance daily and hope that these findings will not only provide further information about the challenges and benefits of interreligious marriage but will also offer a micro-level view of religious tolerance that can be a model of global dynamics.

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