Case Studies

A Society's Responsibility: Ethics, Religion, and Children at Risk in Kenya, Senegal, and Cambodia
September 22, 2016

Modernizing Islamic Education: The Cases of Bangladesh and Senegal
September 22, 2016

Responding to the Ebola Epidemic in West Africa: What Role Does Religion Play?
May 16, 2016

Lebanon: The Persistence of Sectarian Conflict
October 5, 2013

Bosnia: Ethno-Religious Nationalisms in Conflict
October 1, 2013

Afghanistan: International Religious Freedom and US Foreign Policy
September 30, 2013

Iran: Religious Elements of the 1979 Islamic Revolution
September 30, 2013

South Africa: The Religious Foundations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
September 30, 2013

Ending Liberia’s Second Civil War: Religious Women as Peacemakers
September 25, 2013

Colombia: Religious Actors Inspiring Reconciliation
September 15, 2013

Angola and Mozambique: Healing and Social Integration
September 10, 2013

Nigeria: Rivalries Split Along Ethno-Religious Lines
September 3, 2013

Northern Ireland: Religion in War and Peace
September 3, 2013

Iraq: Buttressing Peace with the Iraqi Inter-Religious Congress
August 30, 2013

Mexico: Persecution of Religious Minorities
August 30, 2013

Kashmir: Religious Diversity Becomes Religious Militancy
August 29, 2013

Liberia: Religious Leaders, Peacemaking, and the First Liberian Civil War
August 28, 2013

Sudan: Race and Religion in Civil War
August 27, 2013

South Africa: Religion and Democratic Transition
August 10, 2013

Mozambique: Religious Peacebuilders Broker End to Civil War
August 1, 2013

Sri Lanka: Civil War Along Ethno-religious Lines
August 1, 2013

The Philippines: Religious Conflict Resolution on Mindanao
August 1, 2013

Uganda: Religiously-Inspired Insurgency
August 1, 2013

Female Genital Cutting: Cultural, Religious, and Human Rights Dimensions of a Complex Development Issue
March 15, 2012

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