Doyle Seminars 2013-2014 Annual Report

December 11, 2014

The Doyle Seminars engage students and faculty in a conversation about national, social, cultural, religious, moral, and other forms of diversity and difference across a range of academic disciplines and global contexts. The seminars aim to develop the students’ research, analysis, and writing skills through the completion of a sustained and in-depth research project. The Doyle Seminar faculty structure classroom opportunities to critically engage complex problems and dialogue with others in a free and candid exchange of ideas from a variety of perspectives. Faculty also develop class time activities that allow for interaction between students and thought leaders and practitioners. The guest experts share their perspectives on critical issues and provide feedback on student research. Over the last seven years, over 400 students have taken one of 32 Doyle Seminars, and courses have covered a wide range of topics across schools and disciplines. This 2013-2014 annual report documents a representative sampling of the research projects completed across this past year’s Doyle seminars.

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