EuARe Lectures: Annual Conference 2019

Author: Jocelyne Cesari

July 15, 2020

Edited by Jocelyne Cesari, who served as 2018-2019 European Academy of Religion (EuARe) president, this volume collects the lectures delivered at EuARe's 2019 annual conference on "Empowering the Individual, Nurturing the Community." Craig Calhoun (Arizona State University) explores the meaning of secularization for the individual and the community, as well as the challenges resulting from the reorganization of human existence on a global scale and from new technologies. Maureen Junker-Kenny (Trinity College Dublin) analyzes different approaches to the relationship between individuality and sociality and the consequences of this for people’s views of religion. Sophie Nordmann (École Pratique des Hautes Études) discusses the contribution of Jewish philosophers to political theory in the twentieth century, including how they developed their conceptions of the way in which individuals belong to social, political, and cultural communities. Finally, Timothy Winter (University of Cambridge) surveys foundational Islamic assumptions about human diversity and measures their intelligibility to modern positivism.

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