Faith and Development in Focus: Kenya

March 28, 2017

Religious actors play important—but often unheralded—roles for Kenya’s multifaceted development. They are not invisible—far from it. Kenya is a robustly religious society in the sense that evidence of religious communities can be seen and heard almost everywhere. Active and diverse religious leaders and movements pepper Kenya's history and religious talk is commonplace today, in widely different settings and sectors. However, as is the case in many countries, religious factors are rarely a central feature in contemporary approaches to Kenya’s development.  This report provides a comprehensive yet accessible overview of Kenya’s religious landscape in relation to major issues for development. The report is part of a broad effort to address these questions in the context of four countries, including Kenya, Bangladesh, Guatemala, and Senegal. It is based on  original research in Kenya and should be pertinent for national authorities, the full range of development partners (including civil society), religiously linked organizations, and others who may not have had the opportunity to focus on religious dimensions of society and economy.

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