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Country Mapping: Kenya

Kenya has the largest, most diversified, and innovative economy in the East Africa region yet development indicators show poverty remains high (4 out of 10 Kenyans live in poverty) and corruption is pervasive (ranked 136th out of 177 countries by Transparency International). Religion plays an important role in Kenya, with high indicators of religiosity and a dynamic religious landscape. The country is predominantly Christian (85 percent) with a significant Muslim minority (10 percent). Other minority religious traditions include Hindu, Buddhist, Baha’i, Sikh, and indigenous faiths. A high concentration of faith communities and regional importance has produced an extensive network of denominational and interfaith networks in Kenya. In this context, numerous faith-inspired actors contribute to local and national development and peace objectives. For this reason Kenya is a priority country for the Religion and Development: Country-Level Mapping Project. This project will identify and examine how faith-inspired organizations and religious leaders engage in development in Kenya, mapping their involvement and particular challenges and opportunities.

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