Forbidden: Receiving Pope Francis's Condemnation of Nuclear Weapons

Authors: Drew Christiansen Carole Sargent

February 1, 2023

At a 2017 Vatican conference, Pope Francis condemned nuclear weapons. This volume, issued after the sixtieth anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, presents essays from moral theologians, defense analysts, conflict transformation scholars, and nuclear arms control experts, with testimonies from witnesses. Chapters from the perspectives of missile personnel and the military chain of command, industrialists and legislators, and citizen activists show how we might achieve a nuclear-free world. Key to this transition is the important role of public education and the mobilization of lay movements to raise awareness and effect change. This collection prepares military professionals, policymakers, everyday citizens, and the pastoral workers who guide them, to make decisions that will lead to disarmament. This book, edited by the late Berkley Center senior fellow Rev. Drew Christiansen, S.J., and Carole Sargent, was published by Georgetown University Press in February 2023.

related | This is a companion volume to A World Free from Nuclear Weapons: The Vatican Conference on Disarmament (Georgetown University Press, 2020).

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