Junior Year Abroad Network Annual Report 2014-2015

September 23, 2015

The Berkley Center Junior Year Abroad Network (JYAN) connects Georgetown students studying abroad at universities around the world. During the ninth year of the Junior Year Abroad Network, Georgetown students studied in 23 countries. During their time abroad, participants encountered a common theme of evolving national identities in the midst of rapidly changing societies. While they learned how globalization and technological advancements are contributing to changing cultures, they also learned that certain traditional ideals remain. Students observed an unexpected community hallmarked by diversity, challenging them to consider how varying perspectives among religions, cultures, ethnicities, and genders can be used to build a multifaceted national identity—one that can help a nation overcome intolerance and violence. This resonated with students as they grappled with events felt around the world, such as the Charlie Hebdo and Michael Brown shootings, as well as other global issues.

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