Policy Briefs

Guatemala: Religion and Policy Intertwined
August 31, 2017

Kenya’s Complex and Vibrant Religious Landscape: Features and Prospects
August 31, 2017

Violence Against Women and Girls in Kenya: Roles of Religion
August 29, 2016

Policy Brief: Roles for Religious Institutions in Facing Guatemala’s Healthcare Crisis
August 22, 2016

Faith and Tuberculosis: Experience and Opportunity in Nigeria
May 21, 2016

Policy Brief: The Religious Landscape of Senegal: An Overview
May 20, 2016

Policy Brief: Guatemala’s Environmental Challenges - Vulnerabilities and Policy Solutions
May 19, 2016

Policy Brief: Women and Religion in Bangladesh
December 15, 2015

Policy Brief: The Religious Dimensions of Refugees in Kenya
November 15, 2015

Faith and Tuberculosis: Experience and Opportunity
September 15, 2015

Policy Brief: Education and Vulnerability - The Case of the Talibés in Senegal
December 15, 2014

Policy Brief: Conflict and Peacebuilding in Bangladesh - Religious Dimensions
December 1, 2014

Policy Brief: The Religious Landscape of Bangladesh - A Primer
November 15, 2014

Global Health Strategies: Ebola and the Untapped Potential of Religious Networks
October 8, 2014

Response to Ebola: Mapping Religious Networks and FIOs
October 8, 2014

Health in Africa and Faith Communities: What Do We Need to Know?
June 18, 2013

Malaria and Faith: Building Strong Partnerships
June 12, 2013

Faith and the WASH Agenda
January 22, 2013

Corruption: Ten Ideas to Enhance Religious Engagement in Global Integrity Movements
January 18, 2013

Human Trafficking: Faith in Action in Cambodia
January 15, 2013

Aid Effectiveness and Faith-Inspired Organizations
January 11, 2013

Engaging Faith Communities in Southeast Asia: An Issues and Priority Agenda
January 8, 2013

Engaging Faith Communities on Immunization: What Next?
January 4, 2013

Reducing Maternal Mortality: Roles for Faith-Linked Institutions and Communities
January 1, 2013

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