Political Theology for a Plural Age

Author: Michael Kessler

May 28, 2013

In Political Theology for a Plural Age, Michael Kessler brings together essays from leading scholars to explore historic and contemporary understandings of political engagement in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The essays are written by leading thinkers and practitioners from each of these three traditions and their secular counterparts. The issues under examination are how religious beliefs and principles motivate specific political action. The essays contest the definition of political theology and look at how globalization, secularization, and pluralism affect the construction and plausibility of political theologies. In the end, the authors seek to offer insight into how the political theologies of the three Abrahamic traditions can adapt to the shared global challenges of the twenty-first century.

Table of Contents

Michael Kessler

Part I: Theologies of the Political: A Conversation
         José Casanova, Michael Kessler, Mark Lilla, and John Milbank
Part II: Domesticating Religion: The Abrahamic Faiths and the Democratic State
    2. The Great Combination: Modern Political Thought and the Collapse of the
    Two Cities
         Patrick Deneen
    3. The Emergence and Development of Liberal Jewish Political Theology
         Jerome Copulsky
    4. Christianity and the Rise of the Democratic State
         Eric Gregory
    5. Is the King a Democrat? The Politics of Islam in Morocco
         Paul Heck
Part III: Confronting Pluralism: Main Trends in Political Theologies Today
    6. Difference, Resemblance, Dialogue: Some Goals for Comparative Political
    Theology in a Plural Age
         Michael Kessler
    7. ''Reading'' the Status of Public Theologies: Rhetorical Analysis of the Media
    Construction of Political Islam
         Elizabeth Bucar
    8. The Future of Political Theology: From Crisis to Pluralism
         Robin Lovin
    9. Doing Political Theology Today
         David Novak
    10. Augustinian Christian Republican Citizenship
           Charles Mathewes
    11. Islamic Political Theologies and International Relations
           Jocelyne Cesari

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