Reinventing Bach

Author: Paul Elie

September 18, 2012

Reinventing Bach (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, September 2012) tells the story of the transformation of the music of J.S. Bach through the encounters of modern musicians (Albert Schweitzer, Pablo Casals, Leopold Stokowski, Glenn Gould, Yo-Yo Ma, et al.) with new recording technology, from the phonograph and the LP to the CD and the MP3 file. The book is at once a critical narrative of significant Bach recordings, an account of Bach's life and approach to musical invention, and an attempt to root a spirituality of technology in the work of this greatest of religious artists.
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Articles and Reviews

"Bach Is Still Revving Up Engine of Musical Innovation," The New York Times

"Play It Again: How Recordings Have Changed Perceptions of Classical Music," The Economist

"Harmonic Convergence," America

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Table of Contents
Part I: Revival
Part II: A Man in the Room
Part III: Playing Together
Part IV: Technical Transcendence
Part V: Both Sides Now
Part VI: Strange Loops
Postlude: Late Adopters

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