The Oxford Handbook of European Islam

December 30, 2014

The Oxford Handbook of European Islam, edited by Jocelyne Cesari, presents a comprehensive approach to the multiple and changing ways Islam has been studied across European countries. Eighteen contributors provide systematic cross-national analysis of how Islam is studied in Europe, consider key topics like immigration, and follow a literature review with proposals for clearer definitions of a Muslim and what constitutions a Muslim community. Part I examines Islam as a post-colonial, post-World War II religion in Europe; Part II continues with a chronological examination of the post-1974 migration period. Part III considers historical Eastern European Muslim communities. Part IV addresses the relationship between Islam and European secularism, and Part V focuses on Islam and European politics. Cesari concludes the book by considering multiple ways to define the term Euro-Islam. The book is part of the Oxford Handbooks in Religion and Theology series.

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