To the G20 Leaders: A Call to Action - Recommendations for Policy Action from the G20 Interfaith Summit in Saudi Arabia

Author: Katherine Marshall

November 6, 2020

This summary report of recommendations from the G20 Interfaith Forum Secretariat represents the expertise of religious leaders, policymakers, youth, and experts from faith-based and multilateral organizations, academic institutions, and civil society who came together in six regional consultations and a global forum. Their discussions outlined how religiously-linked organizations and networks can contribute to achieving the policy agendas of the G20 process, particularly in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic; advancing peace; empowering people through development agendas that promote education, oppose corruption, empower women, and reduce structural inequality and racism; and fostering common action to protect the planet.  The recommendations are intended to enrich the policy deliberations of the 2020 G20 Leaders’ Summit, to encourage greater collaboration between public and religious institutions, and, through recognition of the G20 Interfaith Forum as an official G20 engagement group, to lead to a greater recognition of the contribution of religious institutions to global policy agendas. As vice president of the G20 Interfaith Association, Berkley Center Senior Fellow Katherine Marshall helped draft and review the recommendations.

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