To the G20 Leaders: A Moral Call to Action - Policy Recommendations for the G20 Osaka Summit

Author: Katherine Marshall

June 9, 2019

The G20 Interfaith Forum offers a platform for networks of religiously linked and faith-inspired actors to engage on global agendas. Beginning in Australia in 2014, the G20 Interfaith Forum has convened annually in the G20 host country; the 2019 forum, "Peace, People, Planet: Pathways Forwards," was held in Tokyo, Japan. There religious leaders from different traditions, political leaders and former heads of state, civil society leaders, faith inspired actors and organizations, scholars, and young people reviewed leading issues in light of Japan’s G20 agenda. What emerged is reflected in these core recommendations, focused on five topics—religious roles in peacebuilding, children, protecting rainforests, strengthening the rule of law, and combating trafficking—where extensive analysis and dialogue among participants and associates supports specific recommendations. These were transmitted to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan and other G20 leaders in advance of the G20 Osaka Summit. Berkley Center Senior Fellow Katherine Marshall was a member of the G20 Interfaith Forum executive organizing committee and helped draft both the core and final recommendations.

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