Religion and Development: Mapping the Terrain

Insights from Bangladesh, Senegal, and Kenya

Faith-inspired actors have long played critical roles in global development around the world; however, their contributions can often be overlooked or viewed with suspicion. Drawing on new research carried out by the World Faiths Development Dialogue and the Berkley Center in Bangladesh, Senegal, and Kenya, this event sheds light on the complex and varied roles religious actors play in development. Taking a 'country-level' approach, the research aimed to provide practitioners with a focused view of the many ways local religious actors, institutions, and ideas intersect with national development agendas. The goal was to inform new approaches and highlight potential for positive collaboration between the worlds of religion and development. The event also marked the release of several recent publications, including the Bangladesh country report "Faith and Development in Focus: Bangladesh."
Project researchers discussed their findings. The Berkley Center and World Faiths Development Dialogue's Katherine Marshall moderated. 


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