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Doyle Undergraduate Fellows 2017-2018

Open dialogue across cultural and religious lines is becoming increasingly more challenging. The role of religion has emerged as a powerful force for combating discriminatory rhetoric and building strong communities across socioeconomic and cultural differences. During the 2017-2018 academic year the Doyle fellows investigated new ideas and strategies at the local and national level to build bridges through interreligious and intercultural dialogue.

Students investigated questions including:

  • What are the successful habits and practices for sustainable justice and peacemaking?
  • In what ways is faith-inspired social justice activism responding to the challenges society is facing now, and planning for the future?
  • How are individuals and organizations on campus and in Washington, D.C. using religion/spirituality/religious discourse and protest to shape and nurture inclusive communities?

Doyle fellows participated in visits to faith-inspired social justice organizations and religious sites, blogged monthly about their experiences, and conducted interviews for publication on the Berkley Center website. Doyle fellows also read and reflected on several academic articles about justice and the common good. Doyle fellows attended one mandatory reflection meeting per month during the program with Berkley staff and faculty advisors.


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