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As part of its multi-year survey of critical issues at the intersection of religion and development, the Berkley Center has reviewed the potential for research and action on tuberculosis (TB). In 2009, the Berkley Center, in partnership with the World Faiths Development Dialogue and the WHO Stop TB Partnership, launched an investigation into the activities of faith communities, leaders, and organizations in fighting tuberculosis. The review also involved consultation events and development of publications focused on tuberculosis. Participants in a June 2010 consultation reviewed the interim findings of the investigation. Those insights were incorporated into the review's centerpiece: the 2010 report "Exploring the Intersection of Faith and Tuberculosis," which reviews the work of faith inspired leaders and communities in anti-TB efforts. The report draws upon multiple in-depth interviews with academics, development practitioners, and religious leaders about the relationship between religion, faith-inspired work, and TB.

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Katherine Marshall

Senior Fellow
Walsh School of Foreign Service, Executive Director of the World Faiths Development Dialogue


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