Consultation on Maternal Mortality

Faith-inspired organizations worldwide are important healthcare providers, so maternal mortality is well-suited for collaboration between faith communities and medical and development professionals. This meeting explored the faith dimensions of maternal mortality to better understand the actions and experiences of religious institutions and leaders in the sector. Maternal mortality was the Millennium Development Goal lagging farthest behind. Life-saving interventions have drastically reduced the incidence of maternal death in industrialized countries, but in the poorest nations it remains common. Many cultural and socioeconomic traditions, including gender inequities, underpin maternal mortality, making the implementation of seemingly straightforward and proven interventions complex. Technical expertise coupled with high levels of trust and leadership are needed for all mothers to have the care they need.
This event was co-sponsored by the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs and World Faiths Development Dialogue with generous support from the Henry R. Luce Foundation.

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