The Jesuits and Globalization: Justice and the Common Good

May 8, 2014

The founding document of the Society of Jesus invokes both the “glory of God and the common good.” Jesuits have often served as confessors to Catholic rulers and politicians. More significantly, they have made enduring contributions to the fields of law and human rights, and social justice.

This symposium featured a panel of distinguished scholars from the Jesuits and Globalization Project—Tom Banchoff, Jose Casanova, David Hollenbach, and Sabina Pavone—as well as the European University Institute—Olivier Roy, Katharina Kuffner, and Wei Jiang. The panel explored the Jesuit approach to justice and the common good across the world's major regions, in historical and comparative perspective.

The symposium was part of Georgetown University's multi-year Jesuits and Globalization Project.

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