The New Social Covenant: Committing to Human Dignity and Common Values in the Global Economy

September 18, 2013

The world is facing a series of challenges and adjustments. The social contract between citizens and public institutions has been strained. The global financial crisis increased distrust. And austerity, resource constraints, and poverty in the developing world force difficulty questions about equality, stewardship, and the distribution of social burdens.

As the world confronts these difficult issues, the decisions we make will be determined, in large part, by the values we hold. In order the foster reflection on these challenges and values, the Global Agenda Council on Values of the World Economic Forum convened a meeting of global leaders at Georgetown. Leaders in the fields of education, world affairs, journalism, philanthropy, and theology reflected on these goals and values during a series of public and private meetings.


Business, Values, and Government | Diana Farrell, Michael Gerson

Philanthropy and the New Social Covenant: Challenge and Opportunity | Chelsea Clinton, John J. DeGioia

A New Social Covenant: Values and Trust for a Moral Economy | Rev. Jim Wallis, Stewart Wallis

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