Understanding Islam: A Course for Catholics Living and Working with Muslims

November 5- 8, 2013

This four-day course was held at Campion Hall, the Jesuit community in Oxford, and aimed to help Catholics understand how their beliefs shape the world views of the Muslims they live and work with. Participants are encouraged to see the world through Muslim eyes and are taken through a stimulating program including sessions on Muhammad, Islamic beliefs, laws, and prayer life.
There are also opportunities to learn about Islamic perspectives on Christianity, developments in the modern Islamic world, and Islam in Britain. The course is a safe space for Catholics to discuss their attitudes and judgments and to consider how to respond to the call of their pope and their bishops to dialogue with Muslims. A maximum of 11 participants ensures that there is plenty of opportunity for discussion.

The course is presented by Dr. Damian Howard, S.J., who is currently a lecturer at Heythrop College with a special academic interest in the Christian theological response to Islam. It is generously supported by Georgetown University through the Berkley Center, which has sponsored this seminar twice a year since 2012.

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