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Georgetown-Campion Hall Seminars

In partnership with Campion Hall—the Jesuit community at Oxford University—from 2010 through 2013 the Berkley Center supported a range of seminars designed to promote interreligious understanding and Muslim-Christian dialogue in particular. An Understanding Islam course, designed for Catholic clerics based in the United Kingdom, addressed topics including law, prayer life, Islamic perspectives on Christianity, and Islam in Britain. Rev. Dr. David Marshall, a research fellow of the Berkley Center, and Dr. Damian Howard, S.J., lecturer in theology at Heythrop College, served as conveners. A 2010-2011 seminar series brought Roman Catholic and Anglican scholars together around the theme “Christian Theological Engagement with Islam.” Topics included Muhammad, the Quran, prayer and devotional life, and law and society. PDFs of revised versions of several of the papers given at these seminars are available on this site.

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David Marshall

Research Fellow
Academic Director, Building Bridges Seminar


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