Women's Religious Peacebuilding Symposium

The Berkley Center, the United States Institute for Peace (USIP), and the World Faiths Development Dialogue hosted a second, invitation-only symposium on women's religious peacemaking at USIP headquarters in Washington, DC. A small group of academics and practitioners came together to discuss submissions for a call for papers issued in February 2011 and scheduled for publication in 2012. These papers address some of the pertinent themes that emerged from discussions in the first symposium in July 2010 that warrant further investigation. Some authors draw from their own on-the-ground experience in conflict zones, while other papers from research-oriented practitioners address common themes across countries or regions and with respect to different faith traditions.

The symposium sought to address pertinent themes and possible recommendations to policymakers and peacemakers on issues of local peacebuilding, drawing from the first phase of the project and new inputs contained in the papers.

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