The March for Science: Is There a Place for Religion?

April 21, 2017

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On April 22, scientists and the public will gather in Washington, D.C., and at satellite locations across the nation for the March for Science. The Earth Day event calls for people of all races, religions, and political perspectives to speak out about the critical role that science plays in government and society—from researching medicine and the environment to supplying the world with food and energy. Though most major religions support environmentalism and caring for the planet, many religious teachings have historically clashed with some of the march’s key issues, including stem cell research, evolution, and vaccines.

This week the Berkley Forum asks contributors, what role(s) should or do religion and values play in this march and, more generally, in scientific research? To what extent are religious communities engaging with the Earth Day event, and is the march inclusive, or is it plagued by exclusionary positions like the Women's March was? At a broader level, are science and religion in conflict in our society?

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