Asian Pacific Catholicism and Globalization: Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Challenges

Authors: José Casanova Peter Phan

December 1, 2023

This volume demonstrates to scholars and students of Catholic history that the development of Catholicism in Asia and later in the Oceania-Pacific region is closely associated with three different phases of globalization. This book approaches the historical processes of globalization not as structural agencies or causal forces, but rather as the historical contexts that condition possibilities for human action and reaction in the world. The editors identify three distinct phases in the development of Catholicism in Asia and Oceania: early modern (sixteenth–eighteenth centuries), modern Western hegemony (1780s–1960s), and the contemporary (1960s–present). The book’s contributors discuss the development of Catholicism in all the major countries of the region, including China, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, and Australia. This volume was published by Georgetown University Press in December 2023 and edited by Senior Fellow José Casanova and Faculty Fellow Peter Phan.

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