Faith and Development in Focus: Senegal

Authors: Lauren Herzog Wilma Z. Mui

May 2, 2016

Senegal is often recognized for its unique religious landscape, notably marked by four main Sufi confréries (orders), and its long commitment to interfaith peace and dialogue. Senegal’s religious communities, which have widespread societal influence, have been the subject of much study, but the considerable work of religious actors (Muslim, Christian, and others) in the country is not as well known. “Faith and Development in Focus: Senegal” provides a comprehensive overview of the country’s religious landscape, highlighting its diversity, as well as historical realities and contemporary trends. It examines the influence of religion in Senegalese daily life and maps the contributions of faith-inspired actors to development, with a particular focus on key sectors for faith-inspired engagement. This report, part of the Religion and Development: Country-Level Mapping project conducted jointly by WFDD and the Berkley Center, aims to explore the changing religious landscape and the development activities of faith-inspired actors, thus contributing to a deeper understanding of religious-secular interactions.

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