Nexus of Religion and Immigration: Islamicized and Securitized

Author: Jocelyne Cesari

May 22, 2023

This book chapter identifies two structural components of the nexus between religion and immigration: the disconnection of religious and national identities experienced by migrants and the fact that their religion is in minority in their new country of residence. These structural elements have the following effects on the religious identities of migrants: a) the positive identification to the country of settlement combined with high level of religiosity, b) the religiosity gap between migrants and nationals, and c) the role of transnational religious movements. All three have been deeply affected by the War on Terror, which has resulted in the securitization of immigration policies, the control of clerics and religious organizations, and the monitoring of religious practices. This chapter by Jocelyne Cesari was published in the Oxford Handbook of Religion and Contemporary Migration.

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