Report of the Symposium on Global Development and Faith-Inspired Organizations in the Muslim World

December 17, 2007

This report was published after a 2007 symposium in Doha hosted by the Berkley Center and the Center for International and Regional Studies of the School of Foreign Service in Qatar on the role of faith-based organizations in global development in the Muslim World. The meeting brought together a combination of practitioners and leading academics to review major issues facing the Muslim world. Major issues of focus at the Doha meeting included building better knowledge of institutional arrangements and trends in Muslim majority developing countries; exploring relationships among public, private, and religiously inspired actors; financing issues, including the post-9/11 landscape; and approaches to leading issues such as children, education, health, and gender. The review focused on how emerging institutions in the Muslim world, especially those with explicit faith links, are approaching issues of social and economic development.



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