Should Faith-Based Organizations Be Involved In Relief Aid? A Look at FBO Relief Initiatives for Syrian Refugee Communities in Lebanon

By: Amerisa Kyriazis

April 19, 2021

Virtual Spring 2021 REWA Student Symposium

In Lebanon, faith-based organizations (FBOs) continue to function as the top providers of relief aid to Syrian refugee communities throughout the decade-long crisis. Mirroring the diverse religious makeup of Lebanon itself, FBOs in Lebanon represent a broad array of religious traditions. Using the International Red Cross’s guidance on how relief aid should fulfill humanitarian aims, this paper seeks to address several questions: Should FBOs act as the primary responders to the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon? In relation to two representative case studies, International Orthodox Christian Charities and Islamic Relief Worldwide, how can FBOs ensure that aid is universal, impartial, and compliant with the humanitarian imperative all while maintaining their religious characters?


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