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Religion and the Refugee Crisis: Normative Approaches

This curricular module introduces the role of religious communities in refugee resettlement and explores the ethical imperative to aid forced migrants. Rev. David Hollenbach, S.J., charts an ethical and religious framework for action on the global refugee crisis in a 2016 article on “Borders and Duties to the Displaced: Ethical Perspectives on the Refugee Protection System” [PDF]. He provided further reflection on the intersections of religion and refugee resettlement as part of a panel [YouTube] in the November 2019 conference on “Current Challenges in Refugee Policy.” 

Below, you can explore more resources on normative approaches to religion and the refugee crisis, including an expanded module guide, with additional materials on ethical principles in policymaking and faith in the lives of refugees and humanitarian workers on the ground.

These materials are designed to engage students with the following issues:

Instructors are encouraged to look through resources below [videos/PDFs/articles] and adapt these questions to their needs.

Refugees eating in abandoned buildings


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